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Welcome To My Free Social Media Training Page

This free social media training page will help you if you want to know how to navigate through the multi-armed creature called social media. You need to have the necessary tools in your arsenal and these free trainings will give you those tools. All of these trainings are available to you by clicking on the dropdown menu above.

Facebook Live iconHave you gone Facebook LIVE yet? Facebook LIVE has really taken off and if you are looking for ways to get yourself out there, FB LIVE is the best way to go. It’s an exceptional way to use the power of live video to build your brand and establish intimate and authenic relationships with your fans and followers. Facebook LIVE is the #1 fastest way to get “likes” on your fan page, content for your blog and and engage your fans. 


Instagram iconInstagram is a phone app that allows you to bring your brand to life. With well over 2 million monthly users and growing, Instagram has been proven to have more engagement than Facebook and Twitter combined for branding. Using Instagram as a marketing strategy will put you in the position of generating 150+ targeted leads every month (5-21 leads per day)…and for just 10 minutes a day!


Twitter iconTwitter allows users to post short posts called tweets. You can follow other users that you may be interested in and you can see their updates on your home page. With Twitter, you can reach a global audience of new and existing followers and potential customers. It offers you a way to build meaningful connections and relationships while engaging your followers in relevant content.


Snapchat iconSnapchat is a mobile phone messaging app that allows users to take photos and short videos. For brands, it’s an opportunity to connect with their followers in an exciting way. There are many uses for Snapchat such as provide access to live events, deliver private content, offer contests, promotions or perks, take your followers behind the curtain and partner with influencers. Snapchat can make your brand’s point of view more powerful and with real time marketing. Snapchat boasts 100 million daily active users and 8 billion video views a day.



You Tube iconYou Tube is a video platform that allows you to create and post video content. This is a great way to boost, not only the visibilty, but also the credibility of your business. Some of the many benefits of using You Tube as a brand are product demonstrations, building reputation and expertise, displaying your brand’s personality, leveraging events and solving the problems of your audience.