building relationships online

The 4 C’s Of Building Relationships Online

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!Building Relationships Online Are you struggling with building relationships online? Some of the best relationships we all know of started because of something that the two people had in common. Remember Abbott and Costello? Well, they might have been before your time but they were comedians who both had their … Continue reading The 4 C’s Of Building Relationships Online

branding yourself

How Can You Tell If You Are Branding Yourself?

Are You Branding Yourself? Are you branding yourself? Consider this. Who would you buy a diamond ring from – Macy’s or a man on the street? I think the answer to that question is pretty obvious. People are just not going to fork over their hard-earned money to someone they don’t know! Macy’s is a well-known retail store and has been in the business for … Continue reading How Can You Tell If You Are Branding Yourself?


10 Easy Ways To Emerge As A Leader

Emerge As A Leader

When new network marketers are first introduced to attraction marketing, one of main things they hear is, “You have to position yourself as a leader. That’s when people will begin to notice you and follow you. Eventually, they’ll buy from you but not before you put value into the marketplace.” Those words scared me when I first began marketing. Continue reading “10 Easy Ways To Emerge As A Leader”


Infographic – A Visualization Tool To Inform, Engage, Educate

Infographic For Sharing Information

Have you ever thought about an infographic to share information about your product, service or opportunity? This is a visual masterpiece that will keep your audience engaged. In a time when everyone is trying to find creative ways to get their message across, this tool is one that will allow your creativity to blossom.

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Continue reading “Infographic – A Visualization Tool To Inform, Engage, Educate”

cold calling

5 Super Easy Tips For Cold Calling Prospects

Cold Calling Techniques

We are in the business of business and the business of business is the business of people. We have to network and networking can sometimes be a little difficult for people who don’t have the basic skills of how to begin a conversation. This is a topic I covered in one of my previous marketing tips a while ago on Facebook but I believe it’s worth talking about here. It’s all about cold calling techniques. Continue reading “5 Super Easy Tips For Cold Calling Prospects”

mlm success

MLM Success: 7 Easy Ways To Achieve It

MLM Success

So you’re a network marketer?  You’re trying to achieve your MLM success. Those of us who are brave enough to enter the world of MLM are risk-takers. Indeed we are! To spend a good amount of your time earnestly trying to get others to look at your product or service let alone getting them to join your business oppotunity is not something most people will do. So why do we do it? Continue reading “MLM Success: 7 Easy Ways To Achieve It”

evergreen content

6 Types Of Evergreen Content

Evergreen Content

Do you know what evergreen content is? Have you ever read a book…more than once? Not every book is one that you’d want to read again and again but there are those special books that are that irresistable. Those are the books with those illuminating characters, magical places and intriguing plots. You just can’t help getting hooked. Continue reading “6 Types Of Evergreen Content”